One of the great concerns of the García Viadero family has been the quality of its grapes and self supply. For this reason, we began to plant at the end of the 80s 200 ha of vineyard in the exclusive area of Gumiel de Mercado. Without doubt, this region has a very distinctive “terroir” which allows the excellent qualities of Ribera del Duero to show particularly well, in comparison with other areas of the world.

Over the years, experience has shown us that Tinto Fino is the best suited variety for making fine wines in Ribera del Duero. It is for this reason that all Valduero’s wines made from this single variety.

Given our special climactic conditions, the location of the vines, the grape variety and the quality requirements demanded by the family, it was decided to preserve the traditional head pruned bush vines in order to limit yields in a natural way (always less than 4.000 kg/ha). Valduero has one of the largest areas of head pruned bush vines in all of Spain.

We do not irrigate the vineyard, as with time we have discovered that the vines withstand very well the climactic extremes of the region (40ºc maximum temperature in the summer and -17ºc minimum in winter), as well as the diurnal temperature changes; both of which factors are crucial for gapes of high quality.

At the same time, we do not use any type of artificial fertilizer, using instead every two years sheep manure and applying the necessary nutrients and salts for the optimum growth of the vine.

Bodegas Valduero en la Ribera del Duero
FInca de Bodegas Valduero en la Ribera del Duero

Soil and climate

The soil is extremely poor, very dry and mainly clay and limestone, with some sandy patches. The landscape is one of low hills with pine and holm oak trees and wild herbs (lavender, thyme and rosemary).

Due to the height of the area (840m above sea level), the climate is continental, with severe winters and frequent frosts (even in May). Although the summer is warm, the nights are cold, giving rise to dramatic temperature changes which improve significantly the quality of the grapes.

These climactic conditions are ideal for making wines of long life and great power, as the Tinto Fino grape ripens slowly and maintains an exceptional balance between alcoholic potential and acidity during the growing cycle.

Together with traditional viticultural practices, this all leads to yields which never exceed 4.000kg/ha. and quality that increases exponentially.

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