Building of the galleries began in 2000. Their design is very advanced architecturally; we cleared and levelled the earth and then constructed the three galleries, covering them afterwards with the same soil that had been moved away. They cover 4.000m2 and are used for fermentation in stainless steel vats, ageing in barrels and then in bottle. The galleries are made with concrete walls 40cm thick and with a curved shape underneath 5m of earth, which keeps the interior temperature at the correct level for ageing wine (around 14ºc throughout the year). We achieve this in a natural way without any waste of energy.

The first gallery is 120m long with vats of 10.000, 20.000 and 40.000 litres. The total capacity is about 1.500.000 litres. This allows us to separate the fermentation of each vineyard and even individual areas of the vineyard, keeping apart in this way the different qualities of the vines.

Galerias Bodegas Valduero Ribera del Duero

The second gallery is 100m long and is used for ageing wine in oak barrels. At present we have around 4.200 barrels. Yolanda insists on using different types of oak for the ageing, both European (French, Hungarian…) and American. This is a unique characteristic of Valduero and the reason for the complexity of our wines. The temperature in the gallery is a constant 13ºc with a relative humidity of 65%.


The last gallery is 90m long. Valduero wines gain great harmony in bottle. This is possible thanks to the use of natural corks chosen with the most stringent control of quality. The time our bottles spend in this last gallery varies from 12 months for the Crianza and up to 48 months for a Gran Reserva.

The temperature in this gallery is also a constant 13ºc with a relative humidity of 65%.


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