The majority of Valduero’s Reserva and Gran Reserva wines rest for a period of their oak ageing in our old, stone cellars. The house which dates from the 15th century is in the centre of the village of Gumiel de Mercado and its cellars are at a depth of 40m and are almost 1.000m long. Here are kept only 1.000 barrels in the optimum conditions of temperature (14ºc) and humidity (75%).

Cueva subterránea de Ribera del Duero
Cueva de paredes arenosas, subterránea a más de 20 metros de profundidad

In 2006 we carved out another cellar similar to the previous one, with a 500 barrel capacity. Without any doubt, we have noticed that in this old cellar the ageing below earth allows the wines to come into contact with the earthy aromas that the walls emit. There is a greater humidity and the ageing is slower. It is in this cellar that we keep the barrels of the exclusive Valduero barrel club.

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