In 1987 Yolanda García Viadero joined the technical management of the winery and soon afterwards Carolina, her sister, took responsibility for the commercial side. It was at this point that the winery started to grow. At present, the business is driven by the two daughters of Don Gregorio and they have overseen a steady increase in the volume of production, while at the same time maintaining the maximum quality. From the very first year, Don Gregorio and his daughters have continued the pace of development with a clear sense of direction and three founding principles: wholly owned vineyards (200 Has.), a unique design of winery that combines both aesthetic and practical functions and a special emphasis on exports.

We did not approach a famous architect to design the winery, but instead made use of our own experience of making high quality wines and combined practical necessity with an aesthetic based on the local architecture of our region. With this simple combination we have created the buildings that now constitute the winery.

Bodegas Valduero en la Ribera del Duero
Bodegas Valduero in Ribera del Duero

The winery has been constructed by excavating three tunnels in the side of a hill, each dedicated in turn to fermentation in stainless steel vats, storage in oak barrels and then in bottles. Valduero now has more than 4.000 oak barrels and a million bottles which rest in the winery until the optimum moment. We export our wines to more than 40 countries around the world, which take up about 55% of our total sales.

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